The Rock

a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson

This mysterious meteor of unknown origin has broken apart and scattered across the galaxy. It has strange properties of living matter and looks like strange red and purple flesh. However, it is smooth and hard to the touch like an ordinary rock. The rock emanates a strange radiation to the physical world around it and a corrupted version of the Darkside of the Force. Those sensitive to the Force are compelled to touch the rock, those with actual training in the Force are both drawn to it and repulsed by it.

The rock wishes to be whole and once two pieces of it were in close proximity to each other they managed to not just rejoin, but fuse with a chunk of metal to form a rudimentary weapon.

Three things are known for certain about the rock.

1. It wishes to be whole again.

2. It feeds on life Force.

3. It just ain’t right.

Starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery

The Rock

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