Transcending History

Hunted by the Bloodmoon!
The origins of Fae Victus

Having calculated where The Rock orginated the crew of The Javelin begin scanning near space for any clues of it’s origin and purpose. Finding nothing but dead space they enter the nearby Uvena system and decide to search Uvena Prime for any signs of the meteor. Receiving clearance to land at a spaceport The Javelin begins having power problems enroute. R5-D4 manages to engage auxillary power to stop the ship from plummeting but fries his own circuitry in the process. Fin Nunb, proving that his brother Nien Nunb is not the only skilled pilot in the family, beats out gravity and crash lands The Javelin in a pink sandbank completely avoiding damaging the ship or any of the crew.

While Ember and Marqes are able to bring R5 back online it appears that his memory pertaining to his primary job functions have been wiped by the shock. Furthermore R5 begins to act strangely proclaiming that The Maker is nearby and leaving the ship on his own.

Oddly trusting of R5’s survival and current navigational instincts the party follows him into the woods, but not before Ratjole attracts the attention of the K’lor’slugs in the pink sand. He almost becomes a snack for the creature before being rescued by his friends.

An hour into the woods the party notice they are being followed by strange creatures. Dr. Zarkov identifies the creatures as deadly Oskan Blood Eaters. Completely unafraid of these obviously dangerous creatures Drucilla opens fire as her compatriots run into the forest. Moments later as her blaster is having little effect Dru joins them in their panicky run through the dark forest.

The party manages to run into a net trap seemingly left for the Blood Eaters which actually works to their advantage. From the safety of the twenty foot high net they meticulously pick off the would be predators.

Being ignored by the blood eaters for having no blood, R5 and Ember catch up to the group as they are dispatching the last of the creatures. Just in time to watch in horror as seven sets of glowing eyes now surround the party. Through the growling and howling Ember is able to discern an intelligent language. They’ve stumbled upon a hunting party of Shistavanen Wolfmen, natives of Ulven Prime, who were themselves hunting the blood eaters.

The leader of the hunting pack, Billy Ray Victus, offers them assistance as he owns and operates Victus Scrapyard and Repair. Learning that R5 is Billy Ray’s long lost “uncle” the two party’s become fast friends. Back at the scrapyard the pcs are invited to a veritable feast as the Shistavanen cook up a massive pile of Blood Eater Claws much like crab legs. They also discover that Granpappy Victus is in fact The Maker R5 had insisted on.

The next day, with full bellies and fully functioning droid and ship, the party sets out to continue their hunt for the meteor. As luck would have it they are far too late and something has already absconded with the rock. Noticing some old tracks Dr. Zarkov leads them to a cave at the foot of some mountains a mile away from the impact zone.

Realizing this is a stronghold of blood eaters our pcs call up their newest friends to help them dispatch the blood eaters. However, not wishing to expose the Victus family to the strange machinations of the rock they venture in to face the Alpha Blood Eater alone. The Alpha, warped by his constant exposure to the rock, does not go down without a serious fight though. Impaling three heroes before going down, the Alpha was a hard won victory.

Trying to keep the two pieces of the meteor separate only results in them fusing into an even nastier combination. That night as the party rests up Drucilla tries in vain to talk the rock into not being evil any more. Until she receives a call from an old flame…

Outbreak on Chan'tak II!
The rock from out of space.

A strange viral outbreak on the planet Chan’tak II causes alarm for Dr. Kylanth Thano and he sends out for help from Caduceus Galactic. After dispatching a containment crew, Dr. Juntah Atar, is confused that Caduceus’ efforts to help are now being turned away by a large military force quarantining the planet. No longer able to reach Dr. Thano, Juntah must turn elsewhere for answers.

Responding to the threat Caduceus sends Dr. Marqes Vaughn and his assistant M-BR-GE3, known as Ember, to try and get past the blockade to help in anyway they can. To aid them in overcoming the quarantine they enlist the help of Fin Num, a Sullustan diplomat and rebel sympathizer, Fin’s top scientist/virolgist Dr. Hans Zarkov, and Fin’s right hand human Drucilla the crazed pirate turned rebel. Tagging along, simply because is also Ratjole the orphaned Squib child.

Things look grim as even this small group of would be philanthropists are turned away by the second in command of the space station Na’zu Po’lari, a purple skinned Twi’lek responsible for the current blockade. The party manages to con their way onto the space station to refuel their ship. While aboard they uncover that the Commander of the military outpost fell ill to the mysterious disease that is afflicting the planet. Shortly after taking command Na’zu took a chunk of meteor being studied by Dr. Thano and had the doctor locked into the detention center.

Na’zu, driven mad by The Rock, planned to allow the outbreak to spread and so that all the planet’s inhabitant’s would die in order to “feed” the rock. Knowing that Thano was the only one with the power to declare him unfit for duty he’s had several soldier’s loyal to him keeping watch over the doctor. However, the PCs hatch a clever plot to spring the good doctor from the detention center utilizing the space station’s trash compactor’s.

After a quick run in with a dianoga , they manage to free the doctor who then takes control of the space station. Conferring with Doctors Zarkov and Vaughn they realize the virus is a mutated form of normally innoucuous human viruses and latching on to aliens to get them to attack and kill each other. The mutation is being caused by radiation from the meteor.

Obtaining the piece held by Na’zu Dr. Zarkov finds a way to reverse the polarity of the radiation to cure the victims. So genius is his plan that he even manages to take pieces of the rock, fuse it with a blaster pack and deliver curing stun bolts.

Interrogating Na’zu after everything has blown over only leaves them with more questions. Seeking out the answers to the origins of this strange rock our heroes now head into dead space.


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