Why's the Rum gone?!


Minor Background: Drucilla grew up on the Good Ship Bloody Pop. (Not to be confused with the Food ship; Lolly Pop!) She spent most of life either there, in the local dives and/or hiding in the tree house secreted away on planet ####, where she was originally born and raised. The whereabouts of #### and its people are currently unknown.

Personality: Considered to be clinically insane, it is mostly a front to keep people at arms length. She is an extremest (though she tries not to show it) and is currently practicing her extremism on the cute bar tender down the street. Me-ouch.

Physical traits: 5’ tall, short red hair, small build, 120 lbs. Dress is casual, a long tunic-type shirt over comfortable leggings and a short cape for warmth.


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