Information can be had at any price, but what is the cost of one's freedom?


Snitchy is a well respected Information Broker on Socorro. He often works closely with Badawazi and the Black Bhalir. Originally from Tatooine, Snitchy was enslaved by Jabba the Hutt and forced to work in his Droid Bay. Unable to fix Jabba’s last protocol droid he was scheduled to be fed to the Rancor.

However, possessing the innate technical prowess of all his people, he managed to set up a total shut down of all of Jabba’s security measures. During the ensuing ruckus, Snitchy snuck out of his cell and onto one of Jabba’s ships. Making his way across the Galaxy as mechanic for various ships he finally settled down on Socorro where he sold a datapad filled with many of Jabba’s secrets to Badawazi in order to make it into the Black Bhalir’s good graces should the Hutt ever try to track him down.


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