Granpappy Victus

This old wolf still has teeth...


Granpappy Victus is only called such by his endearing grandson Billy Ray Victus. To others he is known William Raynard Victus Senior, Grandfather Victus, or simply The Maker. As a young man Victus was blessed with four children and a loving wife. Unfortunately, his wife Ella, died in childbirth along with what would have been his fifth child. Distraught over their deaths Victus kept to his workshop for long hours at a time.

One day his mind distracted, his hands went to work without thinking. Pulling from his scrapyard bits of old droids he absentmindedly began putting together an astromech droid. By the end of the first day of working on him he had an almost fully functioning R5 droid. All that was missing was the programming. Leaving the house for the first time in weeks Victus went into town to pick up the last few remaining parts and all the data files he could find on droid programming. For the next month Victus was like a man possessed and worked furiously to give life to the little droid. At end of it all he named his newly built R5-D4 droid Fae Victus. Fifth Bloodmoon.

So great was Victus’ skill in droid engineering though, that he built in a fail safe to ensure that his newest “son” would never forget him. A special breaker in R5s wiring prevents memory wipes from every affecting his main memory banks where his day to day recordings and personality are stored. This breaker diverts all memory wipes instead to a secondary memory drive where his more functional job based memory is stored.

Granpappy Victus

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