Billy Ray Victus

His skill of the hunt, is surpassed only by the passion of his dreams...


Billy Ray Victus was born William Raynard Victus III. However, as a boy he was enamored of the stories his father told him of Wild Space and the galaxy at large. As he grew older this turned to an obsession for holovids portraying space cowboys and wild frontiersmen exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy. All very over romantacized and glorified. Billy couldn’t help but mimic his favorite heroes of those shows to the point of effecting their accents and dreaming of exploring on his own some day.

However, Granpappy Victus, as Billy refers to his grandfather hates the very idea. Most likely because Billy’s own father couldn’t cut it out in space and returned home broke and disgraced after having lost both the family droid and spaceship in a high stakes Sabacc game.

Even still, on Uvena Prime Billy enjoys hunting with his extended “family”. While most of them are not blood related, with the exception of Nikta, Billy still lovingly refers to his hunting pack as brothers and sisters.

Billy Ray Victus

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