Na'zu Po'lari

His soul lost to darkness, he trades the remains for power and madness...


Control – 2D

Sense – 1D

Alter – 2D

Darkside Points 2



Force Drain

Receptive Telepathy


Na’zu was always an ambitious Twi’lek and when Commander Myun fell ill, he saw his chance to at last seize some power. Reading Dr. Thano’s report on the meteor Na’zu realized just how valuable something like that would be to the Empire. Surely valuable enough to earn him his own place in the Ranks of the Empire.

However, after taking the meteor from Dr. Thano, Na’zu immediately began hearing It’s voice. The meteor promised him more power than the Empire ever could and delivered on that promise almost immediately. All he had to do was feed it more life Force and make it whole again.

Na'zu Po'lari

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