Dr. Kylanth Thano

His hands seek to heal the past....


Kylanth Thano graduated at the top of his class from Coruscant Medical. After a short stint in Caduceus Galactic he accepted the position as Chief Medical Officer on the Chan’tak II Military Base. There he has become an expert in Sullustan, Mon Cal, and Twi’lek physiology. Despite his great successes in life Kylanth is a man seemingly haunted by his ancestral past.

Kylanth is a Mandalorian and as such grew up hearing many stories about their homeworld from his grandfather. His grandfather actually participated in the hunting of the Jedi and regretted it until his death due to the Emperor turning on his people once the deed was done. Their homeworld lost and days of glory long forgotten his grandfather’s words have stuck with Kylanth all his life. In passing his grandfather passed on to him a breastplate made of Mandalorian steel, some small weapons, and heavy guilt over his people’s past.

Turning from the path of the Warrior, Kylanth vowed instead to forge his own destiny and pursue the path of a healer and scholar. With each life he saves it’s as if he is atoning for lives taken by his people. He long ago had the armor reforged into a simple box, and now passes it on hoping that it can help contain a threat greater than any once posed by the Mandalores.

Dr. Kylanth Thano

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