Dr. Juntah Atar

Like the Yeti, his soul mourns for days long gone...


Dr. Juntah Atar is an older Bothan with a large white mane framing his face. As the head of Caduceus Galactic he must stay impartial in the war between the Empire and the Rebellion. There are many rumors that he is a rebel sympathizer but remains neutral in an effort to avoid the Empire trying to regulate CG.

Few people realize that Dr. Atar actually opposes the Empire because he himself was once a Jedi Healer known as Junas Starfallen. His skill in medicine and surgery was further augmented by his ability to heal people with the power of the Force. In surgeries others said were impossible his “healing touch” helped patients pull through who would have otherwise died. When the Emperor rose to power Junas went into hiding. When he resurfaced as Dr. Atar he took a more bureaucratic role in Caduceus that would keep him out of surgery and reduce the chances of him slipping up and using his healing touch. However his medical knowledge alone assured him a quick rise in the ranks until he held his current position as the head of Caduceus.

Dr. Juntah Atar

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