Transcending History

The World Out of Time

A tale of swords and souls, eternally retold...

Challenged by Charade, the PCs are drawn into a seemingly pointless fight. After a long drawn out battle Charade yields to the PCs having only wanted to test their strength and learn their fighting styles. In the aftermath they have a conversation and learn a lot about this world. Including that several people from their own universe have made it to this one. It seems that Darth Vader, Starkiller, and an as yet unknown little green guy are all lurking about in this world.

The PCs realizing their new found wealth of credits does them no good here take a wandering merchant back through the rift on Dagobah and convince him to buy Marek’s stolen ship for 10,000 gold. The merchant then takes off from Dagobah for parts and profits unknown.

Retrieving their pieces of the rock from their ship they return to the strange new world only to discover that Charade has left the castle. They take refuge there for the night and Ember makes an unusual discovery. The castle has data ports and technology similar to their own. He and Zarkov are able to retrieve a small amount of data from the castle but most was erased or corrupted from centuries of neglect.

Traveling east in hopes of finding mounts in order to move quicker they come across a group of bandits. Fin dispatches the leader of the group with a quick and deadly blaster bolt that causes the rest of the bandits to give up as he gives them the “this is my boomstick” speech.

Arriving in Thuban they notice the water supply has been poisoned by chemicals. It turns out a group of miners are causing the problem upstream. A second disturbing fact to come out of all this is the metal being mined is very similar to Mandalorian steel. Posing as a non-existent EPA, they try to have a talk with the miners on the villages behalf. The miners are having none of this however, as they work for the Obsidian Knight and take orders only from him.

However, after Marqes manages to levitate a boulder meant to crush the PCs they appear to be in a much more receptive and talking mood. They manage to convince them to use more efficient practices that will not only help reduce river pollution but up their efficiency, thus ensuring a better tomorrow. They also manage to help the village filter it’s water and heal many of the people already sick. They are celebrated as heroes.



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