Transcending History

The Viridian Magus

Save the muppet, save the universe.

With their newfound knowledge the PCs make haste to try and stop the Viridian Magus before he can carry out his rampage across the world. Taking the proverbial wheel, repulserlifts don’t have wheels, from Marqes, Ember guns it full throttle in hopes of arriving before it’s too late.

Unknown to the PCs the emergence of Inferno is like a beacon to the heroes of this world and three have gathered at Raphael’s castle sensing that Inferno’s will make his presence known there first. As the PCs race on, one by one the heroes fall by Inferno’s hands. Raphael, Sueng Mina, and Mitsarugi all fall before his might hanging by a thread of life as the next steps in for them, Yoshimitsu. If only they knew group tactics as opposed to just the honor of one on one combat.

At the outskirts of the city our Heroes survey the chaos caused by the emergence of red lizard men that have come with Inferno to help him gather souls. Seeing the lizardmen cowardly attacking the fleeing villagers they know they have to put a stop to this. Blasters a blazin’ the PCs charge through the town making short work of the lizardmen. Finding a group of badly injured villagers Marqes and Zarkov stop to patch them up quickly.

Arriving just in time to see Inferno finishing off Yoshimitsu, the PCs waste no time opening up with Ion blasters. Most are deflected aside as the group spreads out to surround him, and Marqes waits for an opening to try and sever Inferno’s link with Yoda. After several rounds of ineffective blasting Zarkov gets the brilliant idea to aim for the Eye of Soul Blade. Following suit, Drucilla also manages to score a palpable hit directly in it’s eye. Knowing this was his moment, Marqes opens himself up to the Force and delivers a precision four hit attack combo that completely frees Yoda.

Soul Blade, knowing it’s been defeated, begins to speak in Zarkov’s mind. Sensing it’s brethren nanites, it tempts Zarkov telling him it can reactivate them and together they can ensure that no one has to die ever again. Zarkov not caring that it will mutate people into soulless everliving abomination accepts it’s offer and picks up the Soul Blade. He desperately tries to get away but luckily Marques manages to revive Yoda who manages to throw his own lightsaber and the Soul Caliber lightsaber in order to stab the Soul Blade in the eye, destroying it once again.

The Soul Caliber’s work finished it breaks into three pieces and each flies off. Ember heals up their friends and after a brief discussion they grab some horses and a carriage to find their stashed repulsorlifts and make their way to gather up Galen. Galen accepts Marqes’ apology and assures him that he understands how difficult it is to deal with Vader, and harbors no animosity towards Marqes for his minor betrayal.

Finally, at journey’s end, the PCs return to their own universe. There Galen heals the rift between worlds with the pieces of Soul Blade the kept him reanimated. His body falls lifeless to the ground as he finally becomes one with the Force. His mentoring and helping of the PCs at last earning him the redemption he failed to achieve in his last life. Yoda thanks them as well, though hurries off as he has an appointment to keep before his last bit of strength and willpower leaves him.

While few in their universe will ever know what they did, the Force knows just how close their world came to ending, if not for their brave and selfless actions.



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