Transcending History

The Shadows in the Fog

The Transition of Hanz Zarkov

After retrieving the first piece of Soul Caliber, the heroes decide perhaps it is best for Galen to try and contain their pieces of the Soul Edge within his body. Warning them to give him a safe distance he begins to try and merge once again with the Edge of Soul. The Forces summoned for him to do this cause a Soul Storm to whip up on the island. Caught up in the Soul Storm the PCs lose track of one another as each is ensorceled by the fog. Within the fog each PC is soundly beaten about the head by the GM in regards to their backgrounds or lack thereof.

Zarkov’s visions were perhaps the most stirring and poignant, as he was extremely quiet and thoughtful long after what he saw. After their ordeal on the island of the dead the PCs return to familiar ground at Benenatsh to rest up and plan their next move. While unable to fully access the Force off the Island of the Dead, Galen sets about training the Force sensitive PCs to unlock their own potential. With the help of the local metal works he also begins to help them construct their own lightsabers. With Ember’s help Galen even tracks down a mine containing Adegan crystals.

During their search in the Crystal Mines, the PCs realize they’re being followed. Splitting up and setting a clever trap they manage to confront Sueng Mina and convince her to give them the crystal of Soul Caliber she possesses so that they may soon challenge the wielder of Soul Edge. They also manage to convince her to join them as they continue out in search of The Obsidian Knight and the Viridian Magus.

Their search leads them to the Castle of the Obsidian Knight and the surrounding kingdom he has taken over. There they learn that Vader has set up martial law in the kingdom and every minor infraction of the law is an executable offense. The PCs learn of how he deposed the former king Raphael Sorel , and how the thieves’ guild is unhappy with the regime change. Working out a daring escape the PCs manage to free a thief from the gallows that day. In the ensuing ruckus they also manage to completely humiliate one of Vader’s new Mandalores, Astaroth .

As luck would have it, the would be dead man is actually a member of the Thieves Guild and sets up a meeting with his superiors for the PCs to see about forming Rebellion 2.0. At the meeting it’s decided that the PCs would try and find Raphael at the Castle of the Damned and the thieves would find Soul Caliber’s blade in hopes that with it’s power Raphael could take back his throne and defeat Vader for the PCs.

As the PCs approach the Castle of the Damned, Ratjole’s endless chattering blinds them to an incoming assault by a lizardman and Ratjole is speared through the chest and nearly killed. Ratjole finally quiet the GM is at last able to finish his description of the Castle and bring yet another adventure to a close.



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