Transcending History

The Nameless Isle

Where lost souls are set to wander...

Trusting that Marqes isn’t just some insane rambling Jedi, the party decides to seek out the Island of the Dead. Finding only stories and rumors that lost souls and the dead are the only ones able to make their way there, they decide to continue on their original course to the city of Benenatsh in search of mounts.

Continuing east towards Benenatsh the PCs find themselves in the midst of a carnival. Seems to be a week long party that happens in Benenatsh each year. Heading towards the plaza a commotion breaks out as it seems several “puppets” have gone out of control. The puppets appear to actually be primitive bipedel droids, the puppet master claims to have bought in Schedar. Stopping their rampage with the quick reflexes of Ratjole they manage to snap the man’s restraining bolts back onto the puppets and get them under control.

The PCs spend a couple days in the city waiting for some specially crafted armor to be made for Ratjole and each plys their respective trades around the town to pass the time. On their way out of town and leaving the carnival they contemplate killing some drunks to see if their souls could help them find the Island of the Dead. Marqes and Zarkov won’t stand for it however, and help heal up the alcohol poisoned party goers.

Having gotten their sensor pack rewired to look for the radiation signature given off by their own pieces of the rock they immediately seem to pick up three signals. The closest is Benenatsh harbor, a ghost town filled only with squatters and passerbys. They tell of stories of the Immortal Undead pirate Cervantes that lives in in the caves off the Harbor. After a lot of deliberating back and forth they finally decide to see if Cervantes could help them reach the Island of the Dead.

They are not given a very warm welcome however, given that Dru kicks in the door to the cabin on his ship and Ratjole tries stealing some of his gold. After a couple stabs at Dru and Ratjole, they finally manage to speak with Cervantes. While they have nothing he desires, he does make them a deal that if they can get him a flying ship from the south he’ll take them there. Or he’ll gladly give them a one way ticket on the express route for free.

Heading for Schedar they find the “flying ships” which look and awful lot like repulsor lift technology, are a little out of there price range. While unable to convince the merchant to sell to them within their budget, they do manage to piss him off enough that he lets slip that they’ve been excavated and not crafted. Wandering the ruins of what once looked to be a vast city they find a manufacturing building and break in.

There they are decontaminated by the automatic tour system and pick up many nice souvenirs at the gift shop. Afterwards they find many fully functioning older model droids and a few speeders and cargo skiffs. Taking off with four vehicles they ditch a couple for later use and go on to deliver one of the new flying ships to Cervantes.



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