Transcending History

The Library of Ancients

There is no ignorance, there is only knowledge.

After playing with the nanobots and learning that they seemed to clean up and help maintain the skiff the party finally continues on to the library. There they are greeted and unphased by INFERNO…sub 3. As the learn in the library three INFERNO droids were built long ago. The first was an Engineering droid, who then made the one that possesses the Soul Blade, and the librarian at the Library of Ancients. They also learn that with proper precision cuts the physical ties made by INFERNO to it’s host can be cut. If Ion blasts are also applied it should at least momentarily disrupt the nanites that help to make up INFERNO.

While at the library they are also dismayed to learn that not everyone in the City of Ancients took well to the Ascendence. Those that did not rise up nightly as dark nanites in search of organics that have wandered into the city and try to take over their bodies. They are aided by previous dark ascendants who have warped the bodies they’ve found into horrific monstrosities. Not feeling up to facing the creatures now surrounding the library the party chooses to sleep there for the night.

At dawn they head out to try and find INFERNO sub 1 in hopes that the Engineer can help them get the firepower they need to save Yoda. As it turns out the Engineer has several incomplete Ion Blasters and Ion grenades he’s more than willing to help them build. He also lets them know that the Viridian Magus is making ready to move from the gates of Tartarus and begin an assault across the land as he does every few years.

Realizing that time is of the essence they hurry to make their weapons and get going as soon as possible. However, just as the last weapon is finished Dark Ascendants drop down from the rafters and begin fighting the PCs. As one sustains a wound that draws blood the black mist nanites are drawn to the area. Using their new ion blasters they incapacitate the mist and ascendants quickly. They make a hasty escape in their skiff as ascendants and mist start coming up from out of the sewer all around the city.

Bravely facing the good nanite mist they make their way to the Relevator and hurtle back to the planet. Just as they leave the platform two more ascendants splat at terminal velocity making a horrible mess. So at last our PCs look forward at what no doubt could be their ultimate battle.



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