Transcending History

The Guardian in the Pit

Verci's greatest treasure, was the loyalty of his friend...

Upon returning to Cervantes the PCs see him in the midst of a battle with an angry woman. She claims to be able to give him his, “final death” with her alchemically enhanced sword. Deciding not to intervene to help their would be guide, Ivy makes good on her promise and manages to kill Cervantes. Leaving the PCs with only a vague direction to help them find the Island of the Dead.

Trying to find the island, proves to be a much more difficult task now that their guide is dead due to their own inaction. After a lot of bad noise and a ghostly stab in Fin’s ribs, Marqes manages to contact the spirit of the person he’s looking for on the island to help guide them in. On the island the Force sensitive PCs are mentally assaulted by the spirits of the damned, making it harder for them to concentrate.

Within the ruined city on the island they are then physically assaulted by a pack of zombies. The overwhelming odds are soon overcome as Marqes begins to realize his real potential as a Jedi and makes chunky salsa out of a large group of their would be attackers. Hacking into a data port in the city Ember discovers that this city appears to be a chunk of Aldaraan somehow. Zarkov manages to suppress traumatic memories of his family, but also forgets about the Alderaanian Zoo and it’s main attraction…a Rancor.

Realizing it’s too late to head back to their cargo skiff the group decides to make for Verci’s Money Pit in hopes of taking sanctuary there. While they quickly figure out the secret to opening the entrance to his lair, lifting the large metal panel from the floor slows them down. Just as they are about to climb down into the pit, the Zombie Rancor rears it’s ugly head.

As they frantically scramble to go down a lightsaber sails through the air overhead and lodges itself into the Rancor. Then consumed by force lightning the Rancor is finally Force thrown into a building and stops moving. They finally find Marqes’ mysterious benefactor, Galen Marek aka Starkiller.

Marqes in a noble display of honor return’s Proxy’s lightsaber to Galen, informing him of his companions ultimate fate. Galen is saddened by the news, but there is little time for mourning. Using a telepathic link in the Force he shows them what must be done and that to restore the timeline they must return Vader and Yoda to their own world, only then can he attempt to heal the rift between the worlds. He also tells them that a piece of the Soul Caliber, which my prove instrumental in helping them, lies within the money pit. As more zombies begin to move in on them, and the Rancor slowly rises Galen encourages them to seek the piece of Soul Caliber while he covers them here on the surface.

Deep in the money pit the PCs quickly and cleverly solve Verci’s “security measures.” Within his tomb they find piles of treasure and a Sarcophagus holding the wings of Soul Caliber. Fin takes them and attaches them to his own sword. However, doing so aggravates Verci’s loyal friend and guardian, Voldo. Voldo immediately engages Fin in combat wounding both Fin and Ratjole in the process. As Marqes ignites his own lightscalpel and readies himself for combat with the Force, Verci realizes they are destined combatants and not thieves. He orders his friend Voldo to stand down and present them with the wings of Soul Caliber even after Fin cowardly puts down his sword and Ratjole foolishly continues to attack.

Therefore Voldo presents the wings to the one he could feel powering up their own “Soul Charge”, Marqes. As they peacefully return to the surface they find Galen meditating amidst a slaughter of zombie parts.



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