Transcending History

Showdown at the Gallows

It's a Trap!

The next day our Heroes are surprised to discover that the execution is still going on as scheduled despite the fact they rescued the two rebels who were to be executed. Knowing damn well it’s a trap after a long deliberation at rebel HQ they decide to at least go incognito and see first hand what’s going on.

After their last heroic rescue in town’s square it seems as though security has been severely beefed up including crossbow snipers on the rooftops and guards not so well disguised in the crowd. Deciding that now is not the time to fight they set about instead trying to locate Vader and his piece of the Soul Edge. However, their scanner only picks up one source of the radiation and it seems to be coming from Astaroth as he escorts the prisoners to the gallows. As he tails Astaroth Fin also notices a figure in dark robes slinking through the shadows. Following her he notices a glint of armor underneath the robes and realizes it’s Vader’s second leiutenant Taki.

As Astaroth and prisoners are up on the gallows he begins to give a speech taunting and demoralizing the rebels and their pathetic attempts. As the prisoners are about to be executed Ember speaks up, daring to ask why the Dark Lord isn’t here himself. Refusing to acknowledge Ember’s question Astaroth instead has him brought up to the stage to be executed along with the prisoners, having recognized him from the previous rescue. Stalling for time Ember waits for the party to come up with a clever plan…none is forthcoming. Finally rather than be executed Ember challenges Astaroth to honorable combat. Still stalling for more time Ember does his best to delay his challenge.

In lieu of a clever plans Marqes instead steps up to fight in Ember’s place, a substitution Astaroth readily accepts given the humiliation he suffered because of Marqes last time. At this point Fin notices Taki taking out some kunai and making ready to throw them. Not wanting her to interfere with their lack of plans Fin courageously attempts to shoot her in the back. Mandolore armor being what it is though he only really manages to get her attention and the attention of the nearby rooftop snipers.

At this point Fin calls in Galen for a quick rescue attempt but it will be sometime for him to get the skiff there. Despite trying to shoot her in the back Taki still accepts Fin’s challenge for honorable combat. A few rounds in and Fin is sure he can’t actually win against her. Hoping for the best he pulls the pins from all three of his stun grenades and gives her a big hug. The resulting blast not only knocks out the two of them but six rooftop snipers and a twenty foot radius of the crowd gathered for the execution. Fin then unfortunately collapse face first in a pile of other unconcious robed individuals.

Back at the gallows Marqes and Astaroth continue to exchange blows in perhaps the most epic one on one battle this campaign has seen. Wanting in the action Drucilla begins to fire away at roof snipers and Zarkov tries to clear a way through the guards at one of the entrances to the square. Ember stalls more guards by being too heavy to move and Ratjole stands around doing absolutely nothing until he out of characteristically learns of Fin’s predicament and suddenly takes an interest in finding him.

Having drawn the attention of the snipers Drucilla comes under fire from about 11 of them. While she weaves about the crowd avoiding most of their fire they do manage to bring her down with a shot that very nearly kills her. A couple of the guards on the ground then drag her unconcious body off for questioning later.

Galen finally arrives, but unable to find Fin at his last location he instead opts to rescue everyone else he can. He flies up to the gallows just as Astaroth is about to unleash a devastating soul charge on Marqes. Marqes is lucky enough to be able to jump onto the skiff and out of the way of the hit which knocks down and knocks out a good chunk of the crowd gathered around the gallows. Gathering up Ratjole and Zarkov they manage to also get Astaroth to throw them Ember’s head as they make their get away back to rebel hq.

What fate awaits the now captured Drucilla, Fin, and Ember’s body as they are taken to the castle of the Obsidian Knight?



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