Transcending History

Race Against the Dark Lord

How far must one travel to escape his wrath?

While the bulk of the group tries to decide the best course of action now that Ember’s body, Drucilla , and Fin have been captured, Fin awakens to find himself prisoner in a tower of the Obsidian Knight’s castle. His equipment and normal clothes gone he finds all they’ve left him with are some rather fanciful noble wear. Trying to come up with a clever escape plan, he is instead found hiding behind a tapestry and is escorted downstairs by four guards. They take him to a dining hall where a large meal has been prepared. Drucilla is already at the table working on getting drunk and fuming about being made to wear a dress at the dinner. Ember’s body is also present and seems to have been dressed up in a similar manner to Fin.

Seeing his comlink at the table Fin wastes no time in calling up his friends. However, in the middle of their conversation Vader arrives and informs them that the two Jedi, Zarkov and Marqes, have until the end of dinner to surrender themselves and their cargo skiff before he kills their friends. Sensing yet another trap, but seeing no way out of it, Marqes and Zarkov reluctantly agree to join them for dinner.

At dinner Vader informs them that he has not intention to try and claim the Edge of Soul for himself. Instead he plans to take the Mandalorian Ore he’s found in this world and return to their own universe. There he will have the ore treated and forged so that he may build up his own army of New Mandalores to overthrow the Emperor. So long as he never sees them on the other side they are all free to go as he feels they pose him no real threat.

Not satisfied with having Vader return to their world Marqes and Fin try to convince him that he needs to help them return Yoda to their universe as well. However, Vader does not believe that anything will happen if Yoda does not return and asks them what proof they have of this. Marqes, egged on by his colleagues, makes the mistake of mentioning Galen Marek and his visions. Learning that his old apprentice is in this world Vader takes off in a fit of rage knocking all the pcs unconcious on his way out.

As they recover they learn at Rebel HQ that Galen and Raphael had some warning of their impending doom and bolted out the back way on horseback. Using their scanner the pcs realize that Vader, Astaroth, and Taki were all giving chase on their newly acquired skiff but slowly closing the gap on Galen’s lead. The party acquires a horse and carriage of their own from the Thieves Guild and head on after them hoping to grab their back up skiff along the way.

Unbeknownst to the PCs, Sueng Mina went with Galen to try and get him to the Island of the Dead before Vader could catch him. Along the way they’re lucky enough to run into a friend of Mina’s, Yoshimitsu and his group of bandits. They set up an ambush for Vader and manage to stall him long enough for Galen to make it to the Island safely. There Vader cannot find him, and with his vengeance denied, he decides to head back to his own universe with his ore and first two New Mandalores.

Realizing they’re too late to stop him the group decides to go recover the Soul Caliber from Rapheal before they go to face the Viridian Magus. As they explain to Raphael how they hope to save their friend, he mentions they can only hope to kill him if they face him in battle with the Soul Caliber. Supposedly there is a way to separate the Edge of Soul from their friend but only one person has ever truly survived that, Seigfried. They may find out how it was done if they seek out the Library of Ancients to the North or find Seigfried.

Heading north the group finds a massive city in the sky, not unlike the cities of Bespin back home. Searching throughout they find a long abandoned city kept in somehow excellent repair and references to The Ascendence. Unsure of what to make of this abandoned city and the nanobot keepers, they quickly make their way to the Library of Ancients.



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