Transcending History

In the Castle of the Damned

Each soul, bound by it's own sins

After patching up Ratjole the PCs realize that most of the Lizardmen are engaged in a battle outside the castle with Rock. Keeping their distance from stray Lizardmen they fly their skiff into the castle unchallenged. With the Castle they meet The Keeper. A strange humanoid being in black robes with no eyes and an enormous mouth. He informs them that they are free to wander the castle and search out Raphael as those kept here are only prisoners of their own devices. He offers to house several of the PCs and asks them to join him for dinner but there are no takers unfortunately.

Within the castle they find Raphael in the room of mirrors. It seems his pride holds him to this place and the mirrors reflect his shame and humiliation at the hands of Lord Vader. A rousing and heroic speech by Fin gives Raphael the willpower to finally break their hold over him. They tell him of their plan to retrieve Soul Caliber and have him fight Vader to take back his throne. Agreeing to their plan he joins the party. However, Zarkov locates the library as they are about to leave and is on his own personal mission to now protect all life an any cost. This library is rumored to have that very information.

He and Ember enter the library and the others set a limit on how long they’ll wait for him. The Librarian, an equally strange creature as The Keeper but with large bloodshot eyes and no mouth, informs them telepathically where they can locate the information Zarkov seeks. The Library itself appears to be and ever stretching hallway with tall shelves of books on both sides. Some ways into the library Zarkov locates two selves, one filled with Jedi Holocrons and the other with Sith Holocrons. Concentrating Zarkov locates a Sith Holocron that he believes can give him power to defy even Death.

However, the Quarren that appears from the Holocron deems Zarkov unworthy of the knowledge he has and tells him to return once he has tasted the Darkside. Undeterred by this Zarkov tries to checkout the holocron from the Librarian only to be informed that all materials are to remain within the Library. However, he motions and a book self rotates itself so that Zarkov and Ember can see the study rooms of the Library. Before them is a long room filled with many people furiously studying books and scrolls. All of them intent on what they are reading and unnoticing of the new arrivals. Many of these people look as though they have been there unmoving from their books for a very long time. Most wild eyed, some emaciated, and even a few covered in cobwebs. Not feeling he has the time to study to attain his ultimate goal, Zarkov pleads with the Librarian to let him take the book. However, the Librarian informs him that he neither makes nor enforces the rules of the Library. Empty handed, Zarkov and Ember finally leave.

Back at Rebellion HQ 2.0, the PCs hear rumors that Vader has not been seen for a few days since their first arrival. Even more people are being jailed and executed and there are in fact at two rebels scheduled to be executed tomorrow. Wanting to piss off Vader and gather as many allies as possible the PCs talk with the Thieves Guild about pulling a daring jail break. Exploiting a cave in the cliffs around the castle and an old unused jail cell the PCs pull of a brilliant jail break with no casualties save a couple of stunned jail guards.



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