Transcending History


Yoda's Exposition

Along the trip back home, in between teaching the heroes proper Jedi meditation techniques Yoda offers up an apology for his actions.

“Saved me you all have, consuming me Inferno was. When found The Rock , thought I could purify it I did. However, dark corners of my mind, thoughts of vengeance did exist. Revenge upon the Emperor, for what was done to the Jedi. Thought that when pure, the Edge of Soul, help me it could. See my thoughts, Inferno did, fed upon them, upon darkness. Stronger it became, too late I realize, it had trapped me. Across the gates of Tartarus, Inferno’s power, greater than mine. Land without life, without Force, teeming with Darkside. My body, he enslaved, but not my mind completely.

Killed the others of that world he would, but his hand I stayed. Until at last, The Force brought you to me. Held back his power, during our fight, as best I could. Though it would appear, young Jedi, my help you did not require.”

Feeling the Force flow through all of the our Heroes, Yoda smiles at each of them during his last remark.

“My thanks you all have, not just for saving me. Taught one so old as I, no need for vengeance there is. Your existence, proof of Emperor’s failure, The Jedi will go on. Proud I am, of all of you, the future of our Order.”

While his eyes beam with pride for all of you, his face still reveals the weight of all he has been through. With reluctant sadness he bids all of you to continue your meditations as you continue on your journey.



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