Transcending History

Yoda's Exposition

Along the trip back home, in between teaching the heroes proper Jedi meditation techniques Yoda offers up an apology for his actions.

“Saved me you all have, consuming me Inferno was. When found The Rock , thought I could purify it I did. However, dark corners of my mind, thoughts of vengeance did exist. Revenge upon the Emperor, for what was done to the Jedi. Thought that when pure, the Edge of Soul, help me it could. See my thoughts, Inferno did, fed upon them, upon darkness. Stronger it became, too late I realize, it had trapped me. Across the gates of Tartarus, Inferno’s power, greater than mine. Land without life, without Force, teeming with Darkside. My body, he enslaved, but not my mind completely.

Killed the others of that world he would, but his hand I stayed. Until at last, The Force brought you to me. Held back his power, during our fight, as best I could. Though it would appear, young Jedi, my help you did not require.”

Feeling the Force flow through all of the our Heroes, Yoda smiles at each of them during his last remark.

“My thanks you all have, not just for saving me. Taught one so old as I, no need for vengeance there is. Your existence, proof of Emperor’s failure, The Jedi will go on. Proud I am, of all of you, the future of our Order.”

While his eyes beam with pride for all of you, his face still reveals the weight of all he has been through. With reluctant sadness he bids all of you to continue your meditations as you continue on your journey.

The Viridian Magus
Save the muppet, save the universe.

With their newfound knowledge the PCs make haste to try and stop the Viridian Magus before he can carry out his rampage across the world. Taking the proverbial wheel, repulserlifts don’t have wheels, from Marqes, Ember guns it full throttle in hopes of arriving before it’s too late.

Unknown to the PCs the emergence of Inferno is like a beacon to the heroes of this world and three have gathered at Raphael’s castle sensing that Inferno’s will make his presence known there first. As the PCs race on, one by one the heroes fall by Inferno’s hands. Raphael, Sueng Mina, and Mitsarugi all fall before his might hanging by a thread of life as the next steps in for them, Yoshimitsu. If only they knew group tactics as opposed to just the honor of one on one combat.

At the outskirts of the city our Heroes survey the chaos caused by the emergence of red lizard men that have come with Inferno to help him gather souls. Seeing the lizardmen cowardly attacking the fleeing villagers they know they have to put a stop to this. Blasters a blazin’ the PCs charge through the town making short work of the lizardmen. Finding a group of badly injured villagers Marqes and Zarkov stop to patch them up quickly.

Arriving just in time to see Inferno finishing off Yoshimitsu, the PCs waste no time opening up with Ion blasters. Most are deflected aside as the group spreads out to surround him, and Marqes waits for an opening to try and sever Inferno’s link with Yoda. After several rounds of ineffective blasting Zarkov gets the brilliant idea to aim for the Eye of Soul Blade. Following suit, Drucilla also manages to score a palpable hit directly in it’s eye. Knowing this was his moment, Marqes opens himself up to the Force and delivers a precision four hit attack combo that completely frees Yoda.

Soul Blade, knowing it’s been defeated, begins to speak in Zarkov’s mind. Sensing it’s brethren nanites, it tempts Zarkov telling him it can reactivate them and together they can ensure that no one has to die ever again. Zarkov not caring that it will mutate people into soulless everliving abomination accepts it’s offer and picks up the Soul Blade. He desperately tries to get away but luckily Marques manages to revive Yoda who manages to throw his own lightsaber and the Soul Caliber lightsaber in order to stab the Soul Blade in the eye, destroying it once again.

The Soul Caliber’s work finished it breaks into three pieces and each flies off. Ember heals up their friends and after a brief discussion they grab some horses and a carriage to find their stashed repulsorlifts and make their way to gather up Galen. Galen accepts Marqes’ apology and assures him that he understands how difficult it is to deal with Vader, and harbors no animosity towards Marqes for his minor betrayal.

Finally, at journey’s end, the PCs return to their own universe. There Galen heals the rift between worlds with the pieces of Soul Blade the kept him reanimated. His body falls lifeless to the ground as he finally becomes one with the Force. His mentoring and helping of the PCs at last earning him the redemption he failed to achieve in his last life. Yoda thanks them as well, though hurries off as he has an appointment to keep before his last bit of strength and willpower leaves him.

While few in their universe will ever know what they did, the Force knows just how close their world came to ending, if not for their brave and selfless actions.

The Library of Ancients
There is no ignorance, there is only knowledge.

After playing with the nanobots and learning that they seemed to clean up and help maintain the skiff the party finally continues on to the library. There they are greeted and unphased by INFERNO…sub 3. As the learn in the library three INFERNO droids were built long ago. The first was an Engineering droid, who then made the one that possesses the Soul Blade, and the librarian at the Library of Ancients. They also learn that with proper precision cuts the physical ties made by INFERNO to it’s host can be cut. If Ion blasts are also applied it should at least momentarily disrupt the nanites that help to make up INFERNO.

While at the library they are also dismayed to learn that not everyone in the City of Ancients took well to the Ascendence. Those that did not rise up nightly as dark nanites in search of organics that have wandered into the city and try to take over their bodies. They are aided by previous dark ascendants who have warped the bodies they’ve found into horrific monstrosities. Not feeling up to facing the creatures now surrounding the library the party chooses to sleep there for the night.

At dawn they head out to try and find INFERNO sub 1 in hopes that the Engineer can help them get the firepower they need to save Yoda. As it turns out the Engineer has several incomplete Ion Blasters and Ion grenades he’s more than willing to help them build. He also lets them know that the Viridian Magus is making ready to move from the gates of Tartarus and begin an assault across the land as he does every few years.

Realizing that time is of the essence they hurry to make their weapons and get going as soon as possible. However, just as the last weapon is finished Dark Ascendants drop down from the rafters and begin fighting the PCs. As one sustains a wound that draws blood the black mist nanites are drawn to the area. Using their new ion blasters they incapacitate the mist and ascendants quickly. They make a hasty escape in their skiff as ascendants and mist start coming up from out of the sewer all around the city.

Bravely facing the good nanite mist they make their way to the Relevator and hurtle back to the planet. Just as they leave the platform two more ascendants splat at terminal velocity making a horrible mess. So at last our PCs look forward at what no doubt could be their ultimate battle.

Race Against the Dark Lord
How far must one travel to escape his wrath?

While the bulk of the group tries to decide the best course of action now that Ember’s body, Drucilla , and Fin have been captured, Fin awakens to find himself prisoner in a tower of the Obsidian Knight’s castle. His equipment and normal clothes gone he finds all they’ve left him with are some rather fanciful noble wear. Trying to come up with a clever escape plan, he is instead found hiding behind a tapestry and is escorted downstairs by four guards. They take him to a dining hall where a large meal has been prepared. Drucilla is already at the table working on getting drunk and fuming about being made to wear a dress at the dinner. Ember’s body is also present and seems to have been dressed up in a similar manner to Fin.

Seeing his comlink at the table Fin wastes no time in calling up his friends. However, in the middle of their conversation Vader arrives and informs them that the two Jedi, Zarkov and Marqes, have until the end of dinner to surrender themselves and their cargo skiff before he kills their friends. Sensing yet another trap, but seeing no way out of it, Marqes and Zarkov reluctantly agree to join them for dinner.

At dinner Vader informs them that he has not intention to try and claim the Edge of Soul for himself. Instead he plans to take the Mandalorian Ore he’s found in this world and return to their own universe. There he will have the ore treated and forged so that he may build up his own army of New Mandalores to overthrow the Emperor. So long as he never sees them on the other side they are all free to go as he feels they pose him no real threat.

Not satisfied with having Vader return to their world Marqes and Fin try to convince him that he needs to help them return Yoda to their universe as well. However, Vader does not believe that anything will happen if Yoda does not return and asks them what proof they have of this. Marqes, egged on by his colleagues, makes the mistake of mentioning Galen Marek and his visions. Learning that his old apprentice is in this world Vader takes off in a fit of rage knocking all the pcs unconcious on his way out.

As they recover they learn at Rebel HQ that Galen and Raphael had some warning of their impending doom and bolted out the back way on horseback. Using their scanner the pcs realize that Vader, Astaroth, and Taki were all giving chase on their newly acquired skiff but slowly closing the gap on Galen’s lead. The party acquires a horse and carriage of their own from the Thieves Guild and head on after them hoping to grab their back up skiff along the way.

Unbeknownst to the PCs, Sueng Mina went with Galen to try and get him to the Island of the Dead before Vader could catch him. Along the way they’re lucky enough to run into a friend of Mina’s, Yoshimitsu and his group of bandits. They set up an ambush for Vader and manage to stall him long enough for Galen to make it to the Island safely. There Vader cannot find him, and with his vengeance denied, he decides to head back to his own universe with his ore and first two New Mandalores.

Realizing they’re too late to stop him the group decides to go recover the Soul Caliber from Rapheal before they go to face the Viridian Magus. As they explain to Raphael how they hope to save their friend, he mentions they can only hope to kill him if they face him in battle with the Soul Caliber. Supposedly there is a way to separate the Edge of Soul from their friend but only one person has ever truly survived that, Seigfried. They may find out how it was done if they seek out the Library of Ancients to the North or find Seigfried.

Heading north the group finds a massive city in the sky, not unlike the cities of Bespin back home. Searching throughout they find a long abandoned city kept in somehow excellent repair and references to The Ascendence. Unsure of what to make of this abandoned city and the nanobot keepers, they quickly make their way to the Library of Ancients.

Showdown at the Gallows
It's a Trap!

The next day our Heroes are surprised to discover that the execution is still going on as scheduled despite the fact they rescued the two rebels who were to be executed. Knowing damn well it’s a trap after a long deliberation at rebel HQ they decide to at least go incognito and see first hand what’s going on.

After their last heroic rescue in town’s square it seems as though security has been severely beefed up including crossbow snipers on the rooftops and guards not so well disguised in the crowd. Deciding that now is not the time to fight they set about instead trying to locate Vader and his piece of the Soul Edge. However, their scanner only picks up one source of the radiation and it seems to be coming from Astaroth as he escorts the prisoners to the gallows. As he tails Astaroth Fin also notices a figure in dark robes slinking through the shadows. Following her he notices a glint of armor underneath the robes and realizes it’s Vader’s second leiutenant Taki.

As Astaroth and prisoners are up on the gallows he begins to give a speech taunting and demoralizing the rebels and their pathetic attempts. As the prisoners are about to be executed Ember speaks up, daring to ask why the Dark Lord isn’t here himself. Refusing to acknowledge Ember’s question Astaroth instead has him brought up to the stage to be executed along with the prisoners, having recognized him from the previous rescue. Stalling for time Ember waits for the party to come up with a clever plan…none is forthcoming. Finally rather than be executed Ember challenges Astaroth to honorable combat. Still stalling for more time Ember does his best to delay his challenge.

In lieu of a clever plans Marqes instead steps up to fight in Ember’s place, a substitution Astaroth readily accepts given the humiliation he suffered because of Marqes last time. At this point Fin notices Taki taking out some kunai and making ready to throw them. Not wanting her to interfere with their lack of plans Fin courageously attempts to shoot her in the back. Mandolore armor being what it is though he only really manages to get her attention and the attention of the nearby rooftop snipers.

At this point Fin calls in Galen for a quick rescue attempt but it will be sometime for him to get the skiff there. Despite trying to shoot her in the back Taki still accepts Fin’s challenge for honorable combat. A few rounds in and Fin is sure he can’t actually win against her. Hoping for the best he pulls the pins from all three of his stun grenades and gives her a big hug. The resulting blast not only knocks out the two of them but six rooftop snipers and a twenty foot radius of the crowd gathered for the execution. Fin then unfortunately collapse face first in a pile of other unconcious robed individuals.

Back at the gallows Marqes and Astaroth continue to exchange blows in perhaps the most epic one on one battle this campaign has seen. Wanting in the action Drucilla begins to fire away at roof snipers and Zarkov tries to clear a way through the guards at one of the entrances to the square. Ember stalls more guards by being too heavy to move and Ratjole stands around doing absolutely nothing until he out of characteristically learns of Fin’s predicament and suddenly takes an interest in finding him.

Having drawn the attention of the snipers Drucilla comes under fire from about 11 of them. While she weaves about the crowd avoiding most of their fire they do manage to bring her down with a shot that very nearly kills her. A couple of the guards on the ground then drag her unconcious body off for questioning later.

Galen finally arrives, but unable to find Fin at his last location he instead opts to rescue everyone else he can. He flies up to the gallows just as Astaroth is about to unleash a devastating soul charge on Marqes. Marqes is lucky enough to be able to jump onto the skiff and out of the way of the hit which knocks down and knocks out a good chunk of the crowd gathered around the gallows. Gathering up Ratjole and Zarkov they manage to also get Astaroth to throw them Ember’s head as they make their get away back to rebel hq.

What fate awaits the now captured Drucilla, Fin, and Ember’s body as they are taken to the castle of the Obsidian Knight?

In the Castle of the Damned
Each soul, bound by it's own sins

After patching up Ratjole the PCs realize that most of the Lizardmen are engaged in a battle outside the castle with Rock. Keeping their distance from stray Lizardmen they fly their skiff into the castle unchallenged. With the Castle they meet The Keeper. A strange humanoid being in black robes with no eyes and an enormous mouth. He informs them that they are free to wander the castle and search out Raphael as those kept here are only prisoners of their own devices. He offers to house several of the PCs and asks them to join him for dinner but there are no takers unfortunately.

Within the castle they find Raphael in the room of mirrors. It seems his pride holds him to this place and the mirrors reflect his shame and humiliation at the hands of Lord Vader. A rousing and heroic speech by Fin gives Raphael the willpower to finally break their hold over him. They tell him of their plan to retrieve Soul Caliber and have him fight Vader to take back his throne. Agreeing to their plan he joins the party. However, Zarkov locates the library as they are about to leave and is on his own personal mission to now protect all life an any cost. This library is rumored to have that very information.

He and Ember enter the library and the others set a limit on how long they’ll wait for him. The Librarian, an equally strange creature as The Keeper but with large bloodshot eyes and no mouth, informs them telepathically where they can locate the information Zarkov seeks. The Library itself appears to be and ever stretching hallway with tall shelves of books on both sides. Some ways into the library Zarkov locates two selves, one filled with Jedi Holocrons and the other with Sith Holocrons. Concentrating Zarkov locates a Sith Holocron that he believes can give him power to defy even Death.

However, the Quarren that appears from the Holocron deems Zarkov unworthy of the knowledge he has and tells him to return once he has tasted the Darkside. Undeterred by this Zarkov tries to checkout the holocron from the Librarian only to be informed that all materials are to remain within the Library. However, he motions and a book self rotates itself so that Zarkov and Ember can see the study rooms of the Library. Before them is a long room filled with many people furiously studying books and scrolls. All of them intent on what they are reading and unnoticing of the new arrivals. Many of these people look as though they have been there unmoving from their books for a very long time. Most wild eyed, some emaciated, and even a few covered in cobwebs. Not feeling he has the time to study to attain his ultimate goal, Zarkov pleads with the Librarian to let him take the book. However, the Librarian informs him that he neither makes nor enforces the rules of the Library. Empty handed, Zarkov and Ember finally leave.

Back at Rebellion HQ 2.0, the PCs hear rumors that Vader has not been seen for a few days since their first arrival. Even more people are being jailed and executed and there are in fact at two rebels scheduled to be executed tomorrow. Wanting to piss off Vader and gather as many allies as possible the PCs talk with the Thieves Guild about pulling a daring jail break. Exploiting a cave in the cliffs around the castle and an old unused jail cell the PCs pull of a brilliant jail break with no casualties save a couple of stunned jail guards.

The Shadows in the Fog
The Transition of Hanz Zarkov

After retrieving the first piece of Soul Caliber, the heroes decide perhaps it is best for Galen to try and contain their pieces of the Soul Edge within his body. Warning them to give him a safe distance he begins to try and merge once again with the Edge of Soul. The Forces summoned for him to do this cause a Soul Storm to whip up on the island. Caught up in the Soul Storm the PCs lose track of one another as each is ensorceled by the fog. Within the fog each PC is soundly beaten about the head by the GM in regards to their backgrounds or lack thereof.

Zarkov’s visions were perhaps the most stirring and poignant, as he was extremely quiet and thoughtful long after what he saw. After their ordeal on the island of the dead the PCs return to familiar ground at Benenatsh to rest up and plan their next move. While unable to fully access the Force off the Island of the Dead, Galen sets about training the Force sensitive PCs to unlock their own potential. With the help of the local metal works he also begins to help them construct their own lightsabers. With Ember’s help Galen even tracks down a mine containing Adegan crystals.

During their search in the Crystal Mines, the PCs realize they’re being followed. Splitting up and setting a clever trap they manage to confront Sueng Mina and convince her to give them the crystal of Soul Caliber she possesses so that they may soon challenge the wielder of Soul Edge. They also manage to convince her to join them as they continue out in search of The Obsidian Knight and the Viridian Magus.

Their search leads them to the Castle of the Obsidian Knight and the surrounding kingdom he has taken over. There they learn that Vader has set up martial law in the kingdom and every minor infraction of the law is an executable offense. The PCs learn of how he deposed the former king Raphael Sorel , and how the thieves’ guild is unhappy with the regime change. Working out a daring escape the PCs manage to free a thief from the gallows that day. In the ensuing ruckus they also manage to completely humiliate one of Vader’s new Mandalores, Astaroth .

As luck would have it, the would be dead man is actually a member of the Thieves Guild and sets up a meeting with his superiors for the PCs to see about forming Rebellion 2.0. At the meeting it’s decided that the PCs would try and find Raphael at the Castle of the Damned and the thieves would find Soul Caliber’s blade in hopes that with it’s power Raphael could take back his throne and defeat Vader for the PCs.

As the PCs approach the Castle of the Damned, Ratjole’s endless chattering blinds them to an incoming assault by a lizardman and Ratjole is speared through the chest and nearly killed. Ratjole finally quiet the GM is at last able to finish his description of the Castle and bring yet another adventure to a close.

The Guardian in the Pit
Verci's greatest treasure, was the loyalty of his friend...

Upon returning to Cervantes the PCs see him in the midst of a battle with an angry woman. She claims to be able to give him his, “final death” with her alchemically enhanced sword. Deciding not to intervene to help their would be guide, Ivy makes good on her promise and manages to kill Cervantes. Leaving the PCs with only a vague direction to help them find the Island of the Dead.

Trying to find the island, proves to be a much more difficult task now that their guide is dead due to their own inaction. After a lot of bad noise and a ghostly stab in Fin’s ribs, Marqes manages to contact the spirit of the person he’s looking for on the island to help guide them in. On the island the Force sensitive PCs are mentally assaulted by the spirits of the damned, making it harder for them to concentrate.

Within the ruined city on the island they are then physically assaulted by a pack of zombies. The overwhelming odds are soon overcome as Marqes begins to realize his real potential as a Jedi and makes chunky salsa out of a large group of their would be attackers. Hacking into a data port in the city Ember discovers that this city appears to be a chunk of Aldaraan somehow. Zarkov manages to suppress traumatic memories of his family, but also forgets about the Alderaanian Zoo and it’s main attraction…a Rancor.

Realizing it’s too late to head back to their cargo skiff the group decides to make for Verci’s Money Pit in hopes of taking sanctuary there. While they quickly figure out the secret to opening the entrance to his lair, lifting the large metal panel from the floor slows them down. Just as they are about to climb down into the pit, the Zombie Rancor rears it’s ugly head.

As they frantically scramble to go down a lightsaber sails through the air overhead and lodges itself into the Rancor. Then consumed by force lightning the Rancor is finally Force thrown into a building and stops moving. They finally find Marqes’ mysterious benefactor, Galen Marek aka Starkiller.

Marqes in a noble display of honor return’s Proxy’s lightsaber to Galen, informing him of his companions ultimate fate. Galen is saddened by the news, but there is little time for mourning. Using a telepathic link in the Force he shows them what must be done and that to restore the timeline they must return Vader and Yoda to their own world, only then can he attempt to heal the rift between the worlds. He also tells them that a piece of the Soul Caliber, which my prove instrumental in helping them, lies within the money pit. As more zombies begin to move in on them, and the Rancor slowly rises Galen encourages them to seek the piece of Soul Caliber while he covers them here on the surface.

Deep in the money pit the PCs quickly and cleverly solve Verci’s “security measures.” Within his tomb they find piles of treasure and a Sarcophagus holding the wings of Soul Caliber. Fin takes them and attaches them to his own sword. However, doing so aggravates Verci’s loyal friend and guardian, Voldo. Voldo immediately engages Fin in combat wounding both Fin and Ratjole in the process. As Marqes ignites his own lightscalpel and readies himself for combat with the Force, Verci realizes they are destined combatants and not thieves. He orders his friend Voldo to stand down and present them with the wings of Soul Caliber even after Fin cowardly puts down his sword and Ratjole foolishly continues to attack.

Therefore Voldo presents the wings to the one he could feel powering up their own “Soul Charge”, Marqes. As they peacefully return to the surface they find Galen meditating amidst a slaughter of zombie parts.

The Nameless Isle
Where lost souls are set to wander...

Trusting that Marqes isn’t just some insane rambling Jedi, the party decides to seek out the Island of the Dead. Finding only stories and rumors that lost souls and the dead are the only ones able to make their way there, they decide to continue on their original course to the city of Benenatsh in search of mounts.

Continuing east towards Benenatsh the PCs find themselves in the midst of a carnival. Seems to be a week long party that happens in Benenatsh each year. Heading towards the plaza a commotion breaks out as it seems several “puppets” have gone out of control. The puppets appear to actually be primitive bipedel droids, the puppet master claims to have bought in Schedar. Stopping their rampage with the quick reflexes of Ratjole they manage to snap the man’s restraining bolts back onto the puppets and get them under control.

The PCs spend a couple days in the city waiting for some specially crafted armor to be made for Ratjole and each plys their respective trades around the town to pass the time. On their way out of town and leaving the carnival they contemplate killing some drunks to see if their souls could help them find the Island of the Dead. Marqes and Zarkov won’t stand for it however, and help heal up the alcohol poisoned party goers.

Having gotten their sensor pack rewired to look for the radiation signature given off by their own pieces of the rock they immediately seem to pick up three signals. The closest is Benenatsh harbor, a ghost town filled only with squatters and passerbys. They tell of stories of the Immortal Undead pirate Cervantes that lives in in the caves off the Harbor. After a lot of deliberating back and forth they finally decide to see if Cervantes could help them reach the Island of the Dead.

They are not given a very warm welcome however, given that Dru kicks in the door to the cabin on his ship and Ratjole tries stealing some of his gold. After a couple stabs at Dru and Ratjole, they finally manage to speak with Cervantes. While they have nothing he desires, he does make them a deal that if they can get him a flying ship from the south he’ll take them there. Or he’ll gladly give them a one way ticket on the express route for free.

Heading for Schedar they find the “flying ships” which look and awful lot like repulsor lift technology, are a little out of there price range. While unable to convince the merchant to sell to them within their budget, they do manage to piss him off enough that he lets slip that they’ve been excavated and not crafted. Wandering the ruins of what once looked to be a vast city they find a manufacturing building and break in.

There they are decontaminated by the automatic tour system and pick up many nice souvenirs at the gift shop. Afterwards they find many fully functioning older model droids and a few speeders and cargo skiffs. Taking off with four vehicles they ditch a couple for later use and go on to deliver one of the new flying ships to Cervantes.

The World Out of Time
A tale of swords and souls, eternally retold...

Challenged by Charade, the PCs are drawn into a seemingly pointless fight. After a long drawn out battle Charade yields to the PCs having only wanted to test their strength and learn their fighting styles. In the aftermath they have a conversation and learn a lot about this world. Including that several people from their own universe have made it to this one. It seems that Darth Vader, Starkiller, and an as yet unknown little green guy are all lurking about in this world.

The PCs realizing their new found wealth of credits does them no good here take a wandering merchant back through the rift on Dagobah and convince him to buy Marek’s stolen ship for 10,000 gold. The merchant then takes off from Dagobah for parts and profits unknown.

Retrieving their pieces of the rock from their ship they return to the strange new world only to discover that Charade has left the castle. They take refuge there for the night and Ember makes an unusual discovery. The castle has data ports and technology similar to their own. He and Zarkov are able to retrieve a small amount of data from the castle but most was erased or corrupted from centuries of neglect.

Traveling east in hopes of finding mounts in order to move quicker they come across a group of bandits. Fin dispatches the leader of the group with a quick and deadly blaster bolt that causes the rest of the bandits to give up as he gives them the “this is my boomstick” speech.

Arriving in Thuban they notice the water supply has been poisoned by chemicals. It turns out a group of miners are causing the problem upstream. A second disturbing fact to come out of all this is the metal being mined is very similar to Mandalorian steel. Posing as a non-existent EPA, they try to have a talk with the miners on the villages behalf. The miners are having none of this however, as they work for the Obsidian Knight and take orders only from him.

However, after Marqes manages to levitate a boulder meant to crush the PCs they appear to be in a much more receptive and talking mood. They manage to convince them to use more efficient practices that will not only help reduce river pollution but up their efficiency, thus ensuring a better tomorrow. They also manage to help the village filter it’s water and heal many of the people already sick. They are celebrated as heroes.


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